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Preferred Dealers

Preferred Dealers are approved distributors who order boots in high volume and are very familiar with Harlick products and available options. They have the experience to help you with any skating boot need you might have. Because of the importance of a good fit, Harlick recommends that you choose a Preferred Dealer to order your boots. By doing so, you may have the assurance that the boot fitter will have a good working understanding of Harlick boots and options.

Standard Dealers

Standard Dealers are approved distributors of Harlick Skating Boots. Approved distributors are able to order products direct from Harlick and resell them to local skaters. These distributors are responsible for determining the best boot model and size for the skater.

Skating Pro Shops interested in becoming a Standard Dealer or Preferred Dealer, please contact Harlick via phone during business hours or email.

Thank you for choosing Harlick.